digital druglord – Review

Whilst Hip hop artist Blackbear is somebody who has been around for a while, I have only recently discovered him. I decided to give him a listen after seeing his album under new releases on Spotify. 

His new album called digital druglord is incredible. Nearly every song is catchy and quotable.

Some of my favourite quotes are:

“I got two moods, sleep is for the weak sleeping for a week.”

I don’t even fucking care though
I’m probably gonna die
Like everybody else
Is that such a fucking lie?
And I swear to God
If the alcohol and drugs don’t kill me
I don’t know what will.”

I’m so sick of being tired
I’m so tired of being sick
I ain’t never killed nobody
I ain’t never sold a brick
Got some OGs that once told me
Keep my nose clean but I sniff.”

With name drops of G Eazy and Migos on the album, he also speaks a lot about his troubles with women and mental health problems.

Features include 24hrs on the song moodz, and Juicy J on the song Juicy Sweatsuits.

With the album coming in at only 32 minutes and having only 10 songs, it is definitely worth a listen for first time listeners, and fans alike.


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